Saturday, March 17, 2012

Planetary Dance


Venus (on the right) and Jupiter experienced a conjunction last night (March 15). According to Universe Today, the two planets had passed within three degrees of each other.

Now, the distance between Venus and Jupiter is increasing as Venus continues to climb higher in the sky. From our perspective on Earth, Venus is headed toward the farthest point east (its maximum eastern elongation) in its orbit around the Sun. Once it makes that turn on March 27, it will move lower in the sky, closer and closer to the Sun. On June 5-6 it will cross the face of the Sun, in what is called a transit.

Says Naked Eye Planets, "Although the greatest elongation from the Sun occurs on March 27th, Venus is in fact positioned at precisely 46°.0 elongation for a ten-day period from March 22nd through to April 1st."

Here's the dance Venus and Jupiter shared over the past week:


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