Sunday, September 21, 2008

Invitation to go "Beyond the Realm of Normal"

Sci-Fi Times TV Debuts Sept. 24
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Inspired by Sunday Scribblings prompt #129: "Invitation."

This Wednesday, September 24, SciFiTimes TV will debut at 9 p.m. Eastern. Oculus Media, the parent company of my publisher, Aisling Press, is one of the sponsors -- and I've been joining in the fun as "Commander Mal." I'll be popping in during the show to give the hosts (in character as "Bo" and "Nikto") a hard time.

The first show's interviews include:

  • Margaret Weis, owner of Margaret Weis Productions, who produces such role playing games as Serenity, Battlestar Galactica, and Supernatural, and also the star author/co-author of such book series as DragonLance, Darksword, Rose of the Prophet, the DeathGate Cycle, Star of the Guardians, and more;

  • Cirroc Lofton, "Jake Sisko" on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine;

  • Ann Morris, one of the founders of Tampa Bay’s "Necronomicon" convention.

  • "In addition," says the website, "you’ll get a peek at some of our other favorites, and get a feel for the ship shod environment of the Achilles H.E.E.L.S., even as we bring you guests to make it worth the suffering we put you through in between!"

    Yesterday I was down at the studio, giving my lines (thanks go to Glenda's daughter Amy for typing the scripts!) and then giving an interview as myself, out of costume. (The interview will air on October 8.) It also gave me a chance to hang out with some great, creative people and enjoy a lot of laughs. Not to mention the floor show (well, the wall show) of at least a half-dozen frogs congregating around Bo's porch light, playing "catch me if you can!" with moths who couldn't resist the photons.

    This is my first on-camera "role," per se. I love doing spoken word performances of my own and sometimes other people's material. Back in 2002 I was trained as a voice-over artist at Chart Productions, Inc., so I had a chance to fool around with different personality types. Thanks to compression technology I've finally put the demo on my website. My Commercial voice-overs are character pieces, and the "Inner Child Dream Cookies" ad was one I wrote myself. The Industrial voice-overs are more sedate, including public service announcements, commercials for nonprofits, and instructional recordings. (Both are Windows Media Audio files.) So far, my post-demo VO work has been volunteer -- a few commercials for local cable and recording more than 1,000 names for the Vietnam Veterans Gathering, Inc., Voices for the Wall project.

    I had a blast being "Commander Mal." Stay tuned for updates -- and come on over to "the home of the Universe Security Achilles High Earth Extraterrestrial Liaison Station, otherwise known as the U.S. Achilles H.E.E.L.S."

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