Monday, June 04, 2007



A chance encounter with statuary in dusk light and a hankering for collage....

Mary and I had walked several miles and were heading home at around 8:30 PM, when I saw this statue. I thought the light was perfect for a shot, and my neighbor was gracious enough to let me train my camera on her property. I've got prints that I'll bring to her when I next head out that way.

I took the statue from "Stargazer," as I named the shot, and combined it with three other images:

Seed Fluff close-up, Species TBD

I don't know the species of this seed fluff, but it grew back in March by the same lantana patch where I've photographed several species of butterfly. The patch is located between a relatively new housing project and a strip mall.

Female Checkered White

This female Checkered White butterfly (Pontia protodice, Family Pieridae (Whites and Yellows)) was in my front yard, also this past March.


I didn't use this exact photo in the collage, but another taken of this same flower, which grows in the parking lot outside a nearby supermarket, photographed in April of last year.

The resulting collage, done with MS Paint and MS Photo Editor:

Large view


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