Friday, November 27, 2009

Operation E-Book Drop

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I've spent the past few days reformatting the first three books in my series for Smashwords. On Thanksgiving I uploaded Covenant and Appetite. Next week I'll upload Destiny when I release that book on my website. You can access my main Smashwords page here.

I was drawn to Smashwords because it is the main portal used by Operation E-Book Drop, though I learned today that I can use other free download portals as well. Today I felt honored and humbled to send my first "e-book deployment" to servicemen and women.

In under 24 hours, before I received my OEBD mailing list, Covenant and Appetite had 15 and 18 downloads from Smashwords, respectively. Yesterday Covenant reached the 600 download mark at, with Appetite at 556 downloads. Thank you, readers!

Elissa Malcohn's Deviations and Other Journeys

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Cover for Deviations: Covenant, Second Edition Cover for Deviations: Appetite

Vol. 1, Deviations: Covenant (2nd Ed.)
Vol. 2, Deviations: Appetite
Free downloads of both volumes at the Deviations website and on Smashwords.

Go to to access Covenant and Appetite in even more formats!

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