Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Deep Carnivale

Deep Carnivale #17
Festival check-in. I believe this and similar umbrella-motif art pieces shown below were done by Ernesto Piloto-Marquez.

On September 12, 2009, I traveled to Tampa's Ybor City for Deep Carnivale, along with Lakisha Spletzer and her daughter Alea. K.L. Nappier and I shared a sales table.

Deep Carnivale was held indoors this year, and none too soon. We stayed dry inside the Performing Arts Building at Hillsborough Community College. (continued...)

Deep Carnivale, Entrance
Festival entrance. Rain fell fairly steadily throughout most of the day, but cleared up as we approached 5 p.m.

Deep Carnivale #5

More than just a literary festival, Deep Carnivale also featured dance, artwork, and music, with plenty of children's activities. A hefty crowd braved the weather over the weekend.

Elissa Malcohn at Deep Carnivale

I had on display:
1. IPPY Silver Medal-winner Riffing on Strings: Creative Writing Inspired by String Theory (Scriblerus Press), which contains my story "Arachne."
2. Bram Stoker Award-winner Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet (Dark Scribe Press), which contains my story "Memento Mori."
3. Hugo Award-winner Electric Velocipede, which contains my story "Hermit Crabs" in issue #14. "Hermit Crabs" is also on the recommended reading list in The Year's Best Science Fiction, 26th Annual Edition.
4. The first edition of Deviations: Covenant (Aisling Press).
5. CDs containing e-books of Covenant and its sequel, Appetite.

K.L. Nappier at Deep Carnivale
K.L. (Kathy) Nappier.

Glenda and Tony Finkelstein at Deep Carnivale
Glenda and Tony Finkelstein.

Deep Carnivale #12
Kathy's and my table sat opposite this work....

Deep Carnivale #14
... and below this one.

Deep Carnivale #13

Deep Carnivale #15

Deep Carnivale #18

Deep Carnivale #16

I believe Mitzi Gordon is the artist. This work was part of a larger installation. Periodically, the arms inflate and raise, then deflate and lower. They had just begun deflating when I took this shot.

Alea and Jane at Deep Carnivale

Kisha's daughter Alea shows her "chapter book" to author Jane Kennedy Sutton. Following the festival, Alea started typing up her work.

Many thanks to David Audet and the rest of the Artists and Writers Group team that put Deep Carnivale together!

Deep Carnivale, Sept. 12-13, 2009
Large view

Cover for Deviations: Covenant, Second Edition Cover for Deviations: Appetite

Vol. 1, Deviations: Covenant (2nd Ed.)
Vol. 2, Deviations: Appetite
Free downloads of both volumes here.

Go to to access Covenant and Appetite in even more formats!

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