Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In The Cosmos, And At Home

Flyer for Riffing on Strings Anthology
I received this flyer earlier today from Sean Miller, co-editor of the upcoming Scriblerus Press anthology Riffing on Strings. I'm one of the contributors. Félix Sorondo is the artist. More information about the anthology is at http://scriblerus.net. See the large view for more detail.

Scriblerus Press has some cool promotions planned for next June and July, including a "virtual book tour." Stay tuned!

In Vivo

The photo above was inspired by the Flickr Moleskinerie group discussion, "Show us your desk or writing space with a photo," begun by writinglife. I took this picture right after reading the discussion thread, which appears on the computer screen.

Today marks one of the few instances where I have both my journal notebook and my computer open on my desk for purposes of writing rather than transcribing notes. Usually I write in my notebook on top of a closed computer, or I'm journal-writing in another room or outside the house.

My journal notes here are ruminations on Book #6 of my series, in progress.

The red translucent travel mug (I've since topped off the coffee) was a gift from the Citrus County Library from when Belea Keeney, Loretta Rogers, and I were panelists talking about craft at the library's NaNoWriMo kickoff event.

The sheet of paper directly to the right of my notebook contains Mary's instructions on how to find Comet Holmes. We're including the instructions in an e-mail to her family.

The rest is assorted clutter that keeps getting inexplicably magnetized to my desk.

[end of entry]

Deviations: Covenant can be pre-ordered from Aisling Press and also can be ordered from AbeBooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell's Books, and Target. The Deviations page has additional details.


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