Tuesday, September 13, 2005


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Take a wedding photograph, new parents standing proudly before their new home, a twisted wedding band from the next generation, and a placid bay at low tide states away....

I used four photographs for this one, playing around the most (color changes, transparencies, layering) with the one in which my parents pose before the house where I grew up.

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The sunburst pattern comes from different color and other treatments of the photo I took at Dorchester Bay, part of a larger panorama shot. I used PowerPoint to set what I had inside an oval, whose border I wanted to be gold-toned. For that effect I used color manipulation and duplication of small sections of my old wedding band, which I had sawed through and twisted into a Mobius strip shortly after I began living on my own. Further manipulations of those sections form the outer border of the entire piece -- around repeated images of my parents' color-reversed and further-altered wedding photo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great way to display old photos...something about the mix of old with new...and the colors....I would hang it in my house and they aren't even my parents!

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