Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sleepy Orange and Friends

Sleepy Orange Sulphur 1
Large view

Sleepy Orange Sulphur, Abaeis nicippe, Family Pieridae, Subfamily Coliadinae. Thanks to Ray Simpson and David J. Ferguson over at Bugguide.Net for ID and confirmation.

Sleepy Orange Sulphur 2
Large view

According to the species info page, this butterfly's slow flight earned it the "sleepy" moniker. It ranges from Central America through the southern United States and is common in the southeast, though to my knowledge this was my first encounter with the species after 6-1/2 years of living in Florida.

I took these photos back on August 21 (the ID confirmation's just come in). This individual was nectaring in a small wild patch between a strip mall and a housing development.

A few nights later I bumped into amphibians hanging out at the post office. Doing some photo catch-up here.

"You've Got Mail!"
You've Got Mail!
Large view

I think this is either a green treefrog or a squirrel treefrog. The frog at lower right is the same individual as in the other shots; I lightened the photo considerably to bring out the contrast.

Oak Toad 1
Large view

Oak Toad, Bufo cuercicus.

Mary spotted another oak toad next to the side lot:

Oak Toad 2
Large view

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