Friday, March 19, 2010

Signs of Spring/Beauties in the Lot

Season's first sighted azalea blossoms

Normally my hedge gets azalea blossoms this time of year, but it's slow to get started due to our unusually cold winter. I spotted these blossoms outside the mall.

The local swamp lilies have undergone a feat of rebirth. A member of the Amaryllis family, swamp lilies bloom all year. Their life cycle takes them through a drastic metamorphosis that goes from this (taken in October 2005):

Swamp Lily

... to this (taken in November 2005):

Pods in Bondage

... and back again. But this year, January's extended hard freeze made me wonder if they'd make it.

Swamp Lilies After Hard Freeze

That touch of green gave me reason to hope -- not in vain, as I discovered this week:


Mary pointed out this juxtaposition of cloud and contrail, which made the cloud look pretty zippy:

Cloud on the Run

After our mall run, we stopped in the town of Holder to get in a walk on the Withlacoochie State Trail. Just off the trail, we stumbled upon Palm Coast Auto Restorations. It was after hours and the place was closed, but I could stick my camera lens inside the chainlink fence. The first car I noticed was this 1931 DeSoto:

Vintage 1931 DeSoto

Then the Chevy:

Vintage Chevy


Vintage Camaro

VW Beetle:

Vintage VW Beetle

I can't identify this next one, but I love its shape and color:

Vintage Car

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