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Yellow-banded Wasp Moth 4
Large view
Is it a wasp or is it a moth? Is it black or is it orange? Decisions, decisions.

Yellow-banded Wasp Moth, Syntomeida ipomoeae, Family Arctiidae (Tiger Moths). This species ranges through Florida and Georgia. Says Bugguide.Net, "Adults fly at least April to October (perhaps all year) in Florida." This little one was feeding on lantana outside the library on Friday.

My submission to Bugguide is a first for this species. (Grin.) Thanks to John and Jane Balaban for the ID. Robin McLeod created the new guide page.

For Sunday Scribblings. Theme: "Decision."

“We are not doers, but deciders. Once our decision is clear, the doing becomes effortless, for then the universe supports and empowers our actions.” -- Ralph Blum, The Book of Runes.


Our leaders tossed a coin and tempted fate.
Blind and deaf, the gods ignored our pleas
While our people froze, wracked with doubt,
Our land in paralysis.
No one could tame the fear
Choking every move,
Error's spectre.
Then a child
Just said,

Ice split.
The town thawed
And creaked to life.
Pressing into fog,
We fought through our malaise,
Knowing that we could be damned
For making the wrong decision.
So many choices, so much to lose,
So much to gain in a moment of risk.

One random act unravels tapestries.
Lifelines fall away. Existence stops.
An insect dies beneath a thumb
Or suffers the doomed, webbed turn.
Something dies. Something lives.
A body at rest
Remains at rest.
One decides
To move.

Right place
But wrong time.
Everything shifts.
A new path opens:
Plan B. Plan C. Plan X.
Courage instilled by blind faith
Or by an itch, a drive, a need.
We pare desire down to the bone
Until all that remains is readiness.


This form is a variant of one called Count Up (referenced in this list of poetic forms). Stanzas alternate, decreasing or increasing by one syllable per line, ten syllables down to one and then one up to ten, then repeating the pattern.

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Blogger Brenda Clews said...

That is an incredible photograph, not just the pose of the wasp moth, its striking colours, how the flower opens to it in expansive yellowness like the sun, it's yummy, that photo, but the rune about decision is perfect and perfectly synchronistic in my life. Recently I was reading the theories of a scientist who believes the universe is not 'gravity-based' as is the current belief but proposes an electric model instead (differing doppler shifts from stars at the same distance from us presenting some kind of refutation of the dark matter/dark energy/expanding universe). All this by way of saying that synchronicity is surely an 'electrical' connection between us. Probably as you were writing this post I was thinking clearly "DECISION"! Your poem, fun. xo

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your poem really conveys the tension of decision making. I like to decide by finding myself acting rather than thinking too much about it.

11:23 AM  

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