Friday, March 23, 2007

Hive Mind

Bee Swarm at the Strip Mall
Large view

We have bees in our bonnet. Well, in our strip mall....

The guy who works at the business just beneath this swarm called my attention to it. We're trying to keep these little guys (actually, as bees go I think they're all gals) safe from the exterminator, but to do that we need someone who can remove them safely and give them a good apiary. The man who pointed out the swarm knows a beekeeper in the county and has been trying to call him, without success last I heard. This also seems to be outside Animal Control's purview.

Wednesday's St. Petersburg Times actually had this article about a swarm farther south, which was moved safely.

Also, we have a very good extension school, so I found the contact list online and forwarded that. The extension school option occurred to me just before I started my free-writing group meeting, so in the middle of a free-write I popped out of the room and made a call with that recommendation. If these are honeybees, they definitely should be preserved.

Bee Swarm at the Strip Mall: The Video (0:35)


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Have you heard of the ladybug invasion? We have them here.

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