Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sci-Fi Times TV, the Sept. 24 Edition

I'm typing this entry from the library, where I've finally gotten a view of the show on high-speed Internet. Fun stuff!

On tap for this week: cleaning my studio and smelling the proverbial roses. All my galivanting has put my studio firmly in hurricane mode, with no actual hurricane to pick up the blame.

Today I got reacquainted with my front porch -- brought out a comfy chair, coffee, and my journal early in the morning and did my version of meditation. It was a long time comin'. This is my week to slow down and re-ground, before I start prepping next week for Necronomicon. Yesterday's highlight included a near-five-mile walk.

Shana Tovah to those who celebrate!

If my embedding below worked, Sci-Fi Times TV's Sept. 24 premiere follows. My stint begins around the 4:05 mark and ends around the 11:15 mark. I was able to embed the episode near the bottom of my webpage, in case it can't be accessed here.

[end of entry]

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