Monday, December 31, 2007

Tally Ho!

My fifth short story acceptance of the year just came through this morning. "Memento Mori" will appear in the Dark Scribe Press anthology Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet.

That rounds out this tally of publications (not counting blogs and various newsletter items) and acceptances during 2007:....

Fiction and Creative Nonfiction
Appetite, the second volume in the Deviations series, forthcoming from Aisling Press.
"Prometheus Rebound," forthcoming in Helix: A Speculative Fiction Quarterly.
"Memento Mori," forthcoming in Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet (Dark Scribe Press, 2008).
"Arachne," in Riffing on Strings: Creative Writing Inspired by String Theory, forthcoming from Scriblerus Press (June 2008).
"Hermit Crabs," forthcoming in Electric Velocipede #14 (Spring 2008. Electric Velocipede reached final ballot for a 2007 World Fantasy Award).
"Identity Theft," forthcoming in The Drabbler #10 (Sam's Dot Publishing, February 2008).
Covenant, the first volume in the Deviations series (Aisling Press), Nov. 2007.
"January 1985: A Day in Lawrence, Massachusetts," Reed, Issue 60, 2007.

"Derivative Work," forthcoming in Asimov's Science Fiction.
"Forest Dragons" (honorable mention) and "Salvage" (top ten) forthcoming in anthology of best entries in the Science Fiction Poetry Association's sonnet contest, to be released by Spec House of Poetry.
"Evolution," Star*Line 30(6).
"After the Standoff," Poets' Forum Magazine, 19(2).
"Getting the Last Laugh," Poets' Forum Magazine, 19(2).
"First Things First," Harp-Strings Poetry Journal 18(3).
"Running Moebius," Poets' Forum Magazine 18(3).
"Eye of the Beholder" Star*Line 30(4), where it was one of two poems to receive Editor's Choice.
"A Multiple Personality Contemplates the Pleiades," Star*Line 30(1).

"A New Lens on Life," Wagner Magazine, Fall 2007.
"The Many Shades of Dark Poetry," Poets' Forum Magazine 19(2).
"Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave!" Poets' Forum Magazine 19(1).
"The 'Rights' Stuff," Of Poets And Poetry 33(2).
"Genre Poetry Panel at Necronomicon," Of Poets And Poetry 33(1).
"Speculative Poetry: It's Not Just About Spaceships," Poets' Forum Magazine 18(3).
"Using Metaphor to Terrify," Star*Line 30(1).

A photograph of statues at the Homosassa Public Library is forthcoming on the cover of Poets' Forum Magazine.
"Moths and Snapdragons," cover photograph in Harp-Strings Poetry Journal, 19(1) and accompanying "A New Lens on Life," above.
"Beach Sunflower," in "Going Native in the Garden" on This Old House (online magazine), May 2007.
Photos of McCoy circus flatcars in "Grandpa" Nelson G. Williams, "Have You Seen These Big Circus Trains?" The Layout (Train Collectors Association, Southern Division) 41(3).
"Flagler College," in Schmap's Guide to Jacksonville (online), Historic Buildings page, October 2007. (Flagler College is in St. Augustine, which is close to Jacksonville on Florida's northeast coast.)
Cover art (photo montage) in Star*Line issues 30(4), 30(5), and 30(6).

In addition, my photograph "Swamp Lily" sold at a juried live auction that was part of "Savor the Art of Citrus County," an evening fund-raiser to benefit the Art Center of Citrus County in February 2007.

I was also interviewed by speculative poet Scott A. Kelly for his article, "Meet Elissa Malcohn: Former Editor of Star*Line," in his online magazine Vacuum Genesis, originally posted in December 2006 and reposted in January 2007.

Blessings to you all for 2008 and beyond. Happy New Year!

Covenant, the first volume in the Deviations Series, is available from Aisling Press, and from AbeBooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Territory, Borders,,,, Powell's Books, and Target. The Deviations page has additional details.


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Blogger Paul D. said...

Congrats! What a great year you had- even if anonymous wasn't impressed.

11:02 PM  

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