Saturday, February 02, 2008

Interview Addendum

Jordan and I had a great 5-minute interview, after which I had my "V-8 moment" about a question that I would answer differently if I could do it all over again. Within the context of my writing roots (New Wave SF), Jordan asked about my current SF reading that could fall into the New Wave category.

I answered that most of my reading nowadays is nonfiction (which is true), and rattled off a few SF authors and books that were formative for me -- relying on my answers to print interview questions at the back of Covenant. Nothing wrong with that. But among the SF books I have read recently, I could have and should have mentioned Bruce Boston's The Guardener's Tale (Sam's Dot Publishing), the collection Speculative Japan (Gene Van Troyer and Grania Davis, Eds., Kurodahan Press), and Stephen Baxter's Time's Tapestry series (Orion/Ace). Excellent reads, all.

Note to self: Do better next time.

Covenant, the first volume in the Deviations Series, is available from Aisling Press, and from AbeBooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Territory, Borders,,, DEAstore,,,, Powell's Books, and Target. The Deviations page has additional details.

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