Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Altering Time

The moon is actually setting, so to be accurate the title should be "Moonset" -- but I've been skewing time anyway the past few days....

This collage
(a variation on the theme used in Confluence) combines photos of dog fennel, the other night's moon, a predawn spiderweb, and a gulf fritillary butterfly.

My time lately has been taken up with meetings and errands that have required a fair amount of driving and full-day excursions. In between I've been gradually cleaning the studio, becoming more organized a smidgen at a time.

In the midst of our errands I picked up a tripod for the camera, though haven't yet been able to get a shot of the moon as detailed as the one above, where I had used the flash to quicken my shutter speed. The original image shows some mare and craters at the terminator. (I'd used the same technique to get a clear shot of the spiderweb.) But I've been experimenting on the back porch with shutter speed and aperture size, learning as I go along.

The tripod helped with this one. The house belongs to one of our neighbors, who had gifted us with oranges from his yard shortly after we moved in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the moon and the butterfly are rising....

9:35 PM  

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