Saturday, August 02, 2008

What I'll Be Doing At Denvention 3 (Worldcon)

In addition to putting in time at the Broad Universe book table and helping out at the SFWA Suite, I will be part of the following program items:

When: Thursday, August 7, 11:30 AM
Where: CCC - Hall D
What: Book signing
With: Edward Willet and Melanie Fletcher

When: Saturday, August 9, 1 PM
Where: CCC - Room 503
What: Broad Universe Rapid Fire Readings: Broad Universe presents their signature Rapid Fire Reading with several women writers, some well-known and some not well-known, reading in very short 5 to 7 minute bursts. It's a great way to hear many different women, it tends to be lively, and moderator Theresa Crater will host, do introductions, and keep the event moving.
With: Alexis Glynn Latner, Camille Alexa, Carol Hightshoe, Kathy Sullivan, Lettie Prell, Melanie Fletcher, and moderator Theresa Crater

When: Saturday, August 9, 4 PM
Where: CCC - Room 502
What: Creating Speculative Poetry: Readings and discussion
With: Bryan ThaoWorra, Geoffrey Landis, moderator Jo Walton, and Mary Turzillo

When: Sunday, August 10, 1 PM
Where: CCC - Korbel 4E
What: The Epic Journey: Life vs. Fiction: Both F&SF often feature “the journey” or “the journey-quest” as the armature of the novel. But how do those fictionalized journeys compare to real travel - either by modern conveyance or by foot? These panelists have all made major journeys and can comment on the details and dilemmas that writers often miss.
With: Gay Haldeman, Lawrence Watt- Evans, and Richard Foss. I'm moderating this one.

Thanks to Lady Emily for her fine review of Covenant over at the Redbud Book Club, where she writes, "Rich character development and fascinating central conflict quickly addict the reader to this story....the moral issues are so compelling, so thought-provoking, you’ll thank the author for presenting this perspective."

You can read her full review here.

In other news, my novelette "Flotsam" has just been accepted to Asimov's (publication date TBD).

Covenant, the first volume in the Deviations Series, is available from Aisling Press, and from AbeBooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Territory, Borders,,,, DEAstore,,,,, Powell's Books, and Target. Deviations: Appetite is now available for pre-order at Barnes and Noble. The Deviations page has additional details.

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