Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My NaNo in a Nutshell

A quick tour/index of my journey during NaNoWriMo:

1. Nov. 1, NaNoWriMo Meets the #SciFund Challenge: I lay out my plans for doing my first NaNoWriMo as a nonfiction "rebel," following the #SciFund Challenge as it unfolds in realtime.

2. Nov. 2, It's Official: A NaNoWriMo Crazy Person Lives Here: How reality blew my initial project concept out of the water, and the joys of finding a new direction to take with the writing as I find new connections in the material.

3. Nov. 4, Behind the Scenes Chez NaNoVille: How I've prepared for following #SciFund in realtime by being a data geek, using Dipity, OneNote, Access, and especially Twitter to collect and manage my material.

4. Nov. 5, Crouching Typist, Hidden Toddler: My ecstatic obsession with my own project, plus an example of how I bridge the #SciFund projects to each other. For example, "Serengeti Live," Eric Abelson's "Does the act of looking change what we see?", and Jennifer Schmitt's "Smart Delivery".

5. Nov. 6, A Tale of Two Narratives: My "Michael writing" versus my "Archie writing" styles -- how NaNo for me is like "All in the Family" (based on the scene "A Sock And A Sock And A Shoe And A Shoe").

6. Nov. 8, Quick Takes and Observations: The obligatory "NaNo lifestyle" details: food, drink, music, dress, etc. -- plus profiles of the "Chlamy Trifecta": the #SciFund projects of Steve Herbert's "Domesticating algae for the 21st century", Luis Valledor's "Chlamystress", and Aditya Rao's "C-Cilia in Motion!".

7. Nov. 11, Process Notes: Beneath the Surface: How I collect and process my data, with special focus on Andi Wolfe's project on Cats Nails.

8. Nov. 16, Sleepy Tweets Edition: My modem begins its decline, slowing my data-gathering down. In the meantime I write about Twitter's role in my project, with special focus on Kalani Kirk Hausman's "STEMulate Learning" project on distributed computing.

9. Nov. 17, Change in Strategy: I revise my data collection method in the wake of a dying/dead modem. Also includes an example of what can happen in a #SciFund day.

10. Nov. 22, The Best of Both Worlds: How my writing project is like collage and assemblage, as I gather #SciFund-related pieces from the Web to create a narrative puzzle.

11. Nov. 25, Science Santa!: On the importance of #SciFund, plus a tour through some of the project swag.

12. Nov. 28, The Next Phase: After a marathon writing session to crest 50,000 words, my NaNo phase is completed, but my work is far from done. Here are the details.

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