Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Divinations Stats and Index

Dice roll stats.

I am participating in Folded Word's writing month event, called "24/7," during August. Participants spend the first 24 days of the month writing short works, then spend the final week in revisions. The second part of this entry gives more details.

I wasn't required to give a central theme to the entries, but I chose the theme "Divinations" and used a pair of dice to generate prompts.

Tomorrow we enter the revision portion of the month. Below is a linked index of my 24 short-form pieces.

August 1
Flash fiction/Water: "Wishing Well"

August 2
Prose poem/Earth: "In Scarabaeidae Sancti"

August 3
Flash fiction/Birth: "Totality"

August 4
Twitter fiction/Fire: "One Morning in Logroño"

August 5
Prose poem/Birth: "Alchemist Reborn"

August 6
Twitter poetry/Birth: "Recognition"

August 7
Micro fiction/Water: "Between the Oases of Sleep"

August 8
Short poetry/Water: "Taking My Future to Tea"

August 9
Micro-fiction/Fire: "Candle Power"

August 10
Prose poem/Birth: "All The Daily Resurrections (for Dave Dog)"

August 11
Twitter fiction/Fire: "Heisenberg's Metamorphosis"

August 12
Prose poem/Earth: "When Civilization Was Young"

August 13
Short poetry/Birth: "Surveillance: A Sijo Sequence"

August 14
Prose poem/Death: "Flightless"

August 15
Prose poem/Water: "In Her Image"

August 16
Micro-fiction/Birth: "Six Characters In Search of An Escape From Their Author (with apologies to Luigi Pirandello)"

August 17
Twitter fiction/Air: "Bittersweet"

August 18
Flash fiction/Death: "Next of Kin"

August 19
Twitter fiction/Earth: "Fierce Harvest"

August 20
Short poetry/Earth: "Layers Beneath a Firenze Road"

August 21
Micro-fiction/Birth: "Crying Wolf"

August 22
Micro-fiction/Fire: "Body Heat"

August 23
Short poetry/Death: "Highest Common Denominator"

August 24
Micro-fiction/Death: "Paradox Resolved"

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This was so much fun, to look at how many of each you did. What a body of work you have! :)

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