Friday, May 21, 2010

Thank Yous -- with Update

News just in from Deepwater Horizon Response: "Unified Area Command announces it will not use hair boom in its Deepwater Horizon/BP response efforts." The upshot: Sorbent boom was deemed a better choice. Says the release, "We appreciate the overwhelming response from the American and Canadian people who want to help in the response to this spill. Please continue to send suggestions for alternate cleanup solutions." The release includes contact info for suggestions.

Thank yous go to the people I've met over the past couple of days, who have made a wonderful effort in collecting hair and fur:

Heather's Bark Avenue Pet Spa and Donated Fur
Large view

Heather Stetkar, owner of Heather's Bark Avenue Pet Spa, and staff. Donated fur for the Matter of Trust Hair for Oil Spills Program is in the bag at foreground. I've been picking up donations to send to the program, which turns hair and fur into hair booms for soaking up oil spills. More info and links to resources here.

After my stop at Heather's, I went on to the Quick Stop Barber Shop:

Angela at Quick Stop Barber Shop with Donated Hair
Large view

Angela, who cut my hair on Monday (before and after photos here), stands beside a bag of hair donated to the program.

Even though Deepwater Horizon Response says it will not use hair booms, the Matter of Trust Hair for Oil Spills Program has been in operation since well before this catastrophe. "Last year over 2,600 oil spills occurred in the world," says its website. Thanks also go to Attitudes Family Hair Center, which has been involved with the program since before the BP spill.


Top: Business card for From Head to Toe salon, where Dennis Monroe has been organizing local businesses in the Hair for Oil Spills effort.
Bottom: Business card from Attitudes Family Hair Center.

Earlier today I mailed two boxes of hair and fur to the program, with a third box now filled. I will wait to hear from Matter of Trust as to where I can send the box now sitting in my garage. Because even though Deepwater Horizon isn't using hair booms, the program still goes on.

Update, May 22: Matter of Trust continues to make hair booms. From their press release: "The boom will be there in case it is needed. There are many Boom B Qs planned for this weekend all along the Coast and the warehouses will soon be fully stocked. At this point, we are asking all new participants who sign up after May 22, 2010 to patiently wait for our emergency alerts before sending more hair to the gulf. We will need all the space we have for all the fiber already in the pipeline." Matter of Trust has tweeted that they are making and stockpiling boom in case haz mat teams need them.

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