Sunday, April 04, 2010

A News Sonnet A Day for April 2010: 4

I've set myself a goal for National Poetry Month this year: Compose a sonnet based on a science-themed news story each day.

Today's installment takes its cue from "Invisibility cloak that generates virtual images gets closer to realization" by Lisa Zyga.

Now You See It...

Today we have shape-shifters in Nanjing.
Four engineers make objects disappear
With microwaves they use for scattering
Electric fields. But, like a puppeteer

Whose hidden hand controls a different form,
The object cloaked appears as something new.
Illusion media distort the norm.
An apple that is real can look like two,

Or like a different fruit entirely.
Why play this negative refraction game?
It's easier to alter what we see.
Electromagnetism is to blame.

Materials that nature never made
Can turn a living panda into jade.

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